Review of Love God, Heal Earth on Treehugger

Apr 14, 2009 | What's New |

stlynns_299Matthew McDermott from Treehugger.com posted a review of Love God, Heal Earth. In addition to writing about his phone conversation with the Rev. Bingham, he includes some quotes from the Rev. Fred Small’s essay “The Greater Sacrifice” and the Rev. Jim Deming’s “From Southern Fried Guilt to Spiritual Responsibility.”

From McDermott’s review:

I had a chance to speak with Rev. Bingham on the phone and asked her about what role religion, now that it has (at least to some degree) begun to engage with environmentalism as a moral issue, can play, will play in the green movement. Enthusiastically she replied that, “We’re going to have a bigger effect on the change that has to happen; more than politicians, scientists, bringing the moral aspect into it.”

She said that we really must redefine what it means to be human. When that transformation happens you naturally desire to have less of a detrimental impact. Seeing every single thing around you as interconnected, your mind considers the impact and consequences of your actions, on your neighbors and everything around you.

Be sure and visit Treehugger.com to read the rest of Matthew’s review. And if you haven’t yet ordered the book, get your copy here or at Amazon.

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