Moral imperative to address climate

Jun 25, 2009 | State Press Clips

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New York IPL’s Nicola Coddington writes about the moral imperative to address climate.
The Journal News, June 25, 2009

Thank you for the June 17 article, “Report sees dire climate changes,” on
the new report about the impacts of climate change in the U.S. The message
is clear: we must develop a clean energy economy and reduce our global
warming pollution. I believe we have a moral responsibility to safeguard a
livable planet for ourselves and for future generations. At the same time,
we can develop good jobs in the growing clean energy industry. Our
interfaith nonprofit has programs that help by teaching congregations
throughout New York state to conserve energy and become more energy
efficient. This reduces pollution and saves money on energy bills.

The best way for us to make a difference right now is to support legislation
that is being developed in Congress. I urge everyone to contact your
representatives and ask them to support and strengthen the climate and clean
energy bill (H.R.2454) in Congress. I also urge any readers who still deny
the urgency of taking action on global warming to check out the full report
at www.globalchange.gov/usimpacts.

Nicola Coddington


The writer is executive director of New York Interfaith Power & Light and
former mayor of Irvington.

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