Sister Joan Brown’s Reflections from Copenhagen, Part 4

Dec 9, 2009 | Copenhagen

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Sr. Joan Brown, OSF, Director of NM IPL

Sr. Joan Brown, OSF, director of NM IPL

Blessings from the Bella Center. Yesterday I attended a wonderful side gathering, “Addressing Climate Change By Awakening to Oneness” sponsored by the Global Peace Initiative of Women. Exploring the place of religious traditions, contemplation and the call to action around climate change with leaders from throughout the planet, it came to me that we are in a moment where we are called to deep intimacy.

Ultimately, if prayer, meditation and fasting do not lead to deeper intimacy with God and with our human brothers and sisters and all beings on the
planet-then religious traditions fall short. Intimacy draws the heart and spirit deeply into the soul meaning of existence and from there, we have no
choice but to act for the common good because we know that we all beat with one heart.

The Copenhagen conference is a grant experience of intimacy. We are more than 5,000 people from throughout the planet who carry in our bodies the water and soil of the diverse places from which we travel. Everyone here has a soul and
heart that beats with oneness. What an amazing miracle.

The most amazing miracle will be when we come to a serious agreement where the developed nations respect and hold the voices of those poorer nations with equal respect and commit to actions that include viable emissions targets as well as short and long term financial pledges for adaptation and mitigation for the most vulnerable nations around Earth.

This week Interfaith Power and Light initiates their Carbon Covenant campaign where people of faith can engage and set an example for actions that assist some of these people and their forests and watersheds. People of faith need to lead the way.

At the negotiations here there is still dialogue, though many voices continue to say that substantial action needs to be taken and quickly. It is hopeful that negotiations seem to be at a place where there can be movement forward because there is growing clarity on definitions around some areas such as forests and adaptation. Numbers for emissions reductions are still
inadequate; however, there is still hope that the work being done can lead to some agreement once the country leaders appear on the scene.

The US lack of a bill in the Senate is a stumbling block that continues to show up in various areas of discussion.

One of the hopeful notes are the thousands of young people engaged, active and creative on the scene calling attention to the needs of justice and integrity for creation. Must run to a session. Continue the prayers, fasting and good intentions because the intimate world community here depends upon you.

Much peace and good,
Your sister,

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