Sister Joan Brown’s Reflections from Copenhagen, Part 11

Dec 14, 2009 | Copenhagen

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Blesssings this night!

Sr. Joan Brown, OSF, Director of NM IPL

Sr. Joan Brown, OSF, Director of NM IPL

Another day at the Bella Center at COP 15. The world community there is getting more tense and more congested here. Just when I was wondering if my presence makes any difference, the President of the COP 15 proceedings briefed Civil Society at 5 pm and spoke to how crucial it was and is to have all of us present and pushing our respective delegations and leaders. She urged continued pressure. Here the US delegation is not very accessible.

So I am asking you to call President Obama and strongly urge him that the moral and ethical imperative of the US is to help pass an agreement with high emissions reductions standards and serious long term financing for those who are most vulnerable. President Obama must show strong and immediate leadership for the negotiations here.

The President of the proceedings is trying to move the entire delegation to a deal with substance believing that the form for the agreement will follow. In the end, she foresees 1 package with 2 tracks: one carrying the Kyoto Protocol forward and the other track of the Least Developed Countries. Her plea is that we cannot leave Copenhagen without an agreement and again urged civil society to not ease up on the pressure of leaders because there will be no better chance to negotiate in the future.

High ranking officials, including Senators and Congress people from the US arrive throughout the week. Today I caught a glimpse of former Vice President Gore and hope to attend a session where he speaks tomorrow.

Another confirmation of the vital work of Interfaith Power and Light came today as I listened to President Mohammad Masheed of the Maldives who facilitated a session with UN high officials on advancing work on adaptation. He said, leaders will only understand the seriousness of this issue when the people understand and press their leaders. When the people galvanize, the leaders will act in tandem. On the other hand, for leaders this is the time to show leadership and not to go with the pack. There is no lack of work ahead for us.

In addressing climate change and migration a UN official pressed the fact that climate change is now and will only become an even stronger factor in peace and stability. Over 1 billion people are hungry today or 1 out of 6 are not sure they will find a cup of food. In the next 10 years it is predicted that the food yields around the planet will reduce by one-half. Hungry people have three options: migrate, revolt or die. Let us act so that our brothers and sisters will have other options.

Thank you for making a phone call!

(The White House Phone Number: 202-456-1111)

Peace and good,
Your sister,

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