Engaging Community In Albuquerque

Oct 14, 2010 | Uncategorized

Congregation Albert in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is taking steps to Green its Congregation in response to the 10% Challenge. These include:

  1. Placing recycle containers in busy locations with instructions on how to properly use them.
  2. Instituting Composting and a worm bin in the School wing
  3. Purchasing compostable products rather than disposable
  4. Encouraging Green fundraisers such as selling Reusable Bamboo Bags
  5. Starting a Green Team led by a national leader in environmentalism and green practices.
  6. Growing food and teaching students about Sustainable Agriculture and buying local and seasonal
  7. Educating the parents in the community about environmentally safe parenting choices
  8. Reevaluating the cleaning equipment and cleaning solvents with an eye on protecting the environment
  9. Having an energy evaluation on lighting in order to reduce our carbon footprint
  10. Encouraging members to carpool and they have started a carpool list within the school program
  11. Promoting reuse and reinvent in their early childhood center pertaining to art projects.

And they say this is just the beginning!

Recycle bulletin board central at Congregation Albert

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