Richard Rohr

Jun 7, 2012 | Uncategorized

Fr. Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation on behalf of Interfaith Power & Light

Seeing the photos of animals mired in the muck of the Gulf disaster and hearing the stories of people who have lost their livelihoods, I’m reminded that nothing occurs in a vacuum.

As a Franciscan priest who has been honored to meet people in travels around the world, I used to think most of us didn’t realize what a high price we paid for ignoring the connectedness of all creation.

I still believe this is true – but I think awareness of that price is growing as we witness the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico.

In this unfolding disaster, our economy suffers as the earth suffers. Our spirits suffer as the natural world around us struggles under the weight of our neglect. As all of us awaken to the reality of the critical need to address climate change, we have a choice: We can continue to wield that power and defile our natural world or we can say together, “No more.”

Those of us who understand that climate destruction and unsustainable practices are moral issues must seize this chance to urge our elected officials to pass strong climate legislation.

We are, all of us, connected. When you stand up for the care of this world that we’re so incredibly lucky to share, stand firm. Your action for creation is an action for all of us – Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and all of creation.

There is a change upon us. Will that change fully realize our potential for living in a way that honors God’s gift to us? The answer depends on us. Thank you for standing up for creation.

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