Review: IPL a ‘passionate advocate’

Jan 2, 2013 | What's New

Thanks to top climate scientist Michael Mann for mentioning Interfaith Power & Light in his Popular Science review of the new book Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck.

In the Popsci.com post “What Does a Climate Scientist Think of Glenn Beck’s Environmental-Conspiracy Novel?” Mann wrote:

The book would also have you buy into the canard that principles of environmental sustainability are somehow in conflict with religious faith. The future envisioned in Agenda 21 is one where individuals are disallowed from open practice of religion. But in reality, some of the most passionate advocates for action to avert dangerous climate change are faith-based organizations such as Interfaith Power and Light who see protecting the environment as part of humankind’s covenant to serve as stewards of the Earth and preservers of creation.

Read the whole review.

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