Fulfilling Faith: Crossing the Bridge Between Spirituality and Sustainability

Dec 5, 2013 | State Press Clips, What's New

[This blog was written by Kentucky IPL board member Morvey Manshadi]

I remember sitting at the Baha’i Center during a Nineteen-Day Feast in February 2010 when a letter was read aloud from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States regarding the newly established Seven Year Plan of Action on Climate Change, an interfaith collaboration with the UN. I specifically recall this paragraph, “The destabilization of the global climate system is in large measure a moral challenge, requiring humanity to develop a greater sense of stewardship and responsibility for the environment, as well as a greater awareness of the interdependence and oneness of all the earth s inhabitants. It is evident that human pressures ʹ on the environment are escalating, and perhaps no threat is as severe as that of climate change.”

Those words penetrated my soul.

I realized that in order to fulfill this mandate, I would need to educate myself and be willing to step out of my comfort zone. I watched documentaries on climate change. I read articles and books. I started attending community events, all the while wholeheartedly embracing the truth that all things are interdependent and that man is organic with nature. In Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light, I found the perfect avenue for contributing to the well-being of humanity and our planet.

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