Happy Earth Day

Apr 22, 2014 | Archive

from The Rev. Sally G. Bingham
Interfaith Power & Light

happyearthdayThere is no doubt that spring is in the air. We are experiencing that amazing re-Creation that God provides each year at this time. New grass, buds on the trees, flowers abound and spiritually each of us has the chance to be reborn or recreated — new life and new opportunity at the time of Passover and Easter when we reflect on future possibilities. It is also Earth Day.

I grew up in the country where the seasons spoke to us. Small children playing in grass when it was dry and the ground was hard and cold. Then, after the rain, it was soft and new life appeared. The Creation is reborn in the spring.  That new life sometimes appeared in the cracks in the sidewalk that city children would notice.  God leaves no one out. You only have to look.

Once again we are at the moment in the year when new life breaks out.  It brings hope and wonder for us to contemplate. This out with the old and in with the new is a resurrection of sort that can be viewed by all religions as a new beginning.

I want to share this time of new beginning and express my hope in the ability of religions to bring the Creation back to full health. Not only the flora and fauna, but the entire Creation — air and water, land and animals — that has all been harmed by climate change. We are leading a movement of change. Thank you for being part of this shared purpose and for being our friend and supporter.

With Passover and Easter behind us we can fully appreciate Earth Day and give full attention this week to the recreation of our relationship with Earth. After all, we are the caretakers.

I have some encouraging news to report: The State Department has just announced that it will extend the comment period on the Keystone XL Pipeline, delaying the decision once again. This gives us more time to make our voices heard. Join thousands and sign our petition to urge President Obama to reject one of the worst threats to Creation: the Keystone XL pipeline.

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