Virginia: Richmond Times-Dispatch – Ash Wednesday shows a new way of living together

Feb 17, 2015 | In the News, State Press Clips

Every year in the final weeks of winter, I fast.

For me, fasting during Lent — the 40 days on the Christian calendar between Ash Wednesday and Easter — has meant different things over the years. In some years, I have fasted from solid food for several days. In others, looking to reflect on my impact on the environment, I “fasted” from using my car to get around, or “fasted” from using the dryer to dry my laundry.

No matter how I fast, the practice puts me in touch with a spiritual lesson the natural world and the Christian tradition offer this time of year: Something has to die so that something else can be born.

And nothing dies harder than the desire we have to live without limits. Keep reading…

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