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Feb 25, 2016 | In the News, IPL News Highlights, State Press Clips, What's New

The 2016 elections will be critical in determining how our country responds to the climate crisis and if we follow through on the commitments we made to the rest of the world in Paris. We hope that all people of faith and conscience will consider the climate and care for Creation when they vote. To help, IPL worked with Faith in Public Life to include climate change in the Faith Voter Reflection Guide below. This guide addresses multiple issues relevant to the faith voter. Feel free to print it out and share it with your faith community.

As a nonpartisan nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization we do not endorse specific candidates, nor do our congregations. But that doesn’t mean we should not encourage and support our congregants in doing their civic duty and voting.

Here are some other ways you can get involved:

Know the facts
Many states have changed their voting requirements and procedures in recent years. For example, early voting may have been ended, and ID may now be required to vote. Find out what’s required in your state and make sure your congregants know — print it in the bulletin and/or post it on your website.

Voter Registration
Consider launching a voter registration drive at your congregation. You can get voter registration cards free from your local Registrar of Voters, or public library. Set up a table after services and ask people to register, then turn the forms in yourself (be sure to do so well in advance of the required number of days so they can vote in the next election). Remember that people who have moved since the last election need to re-register.

Organize a Candidate Forum
A house of worship is a great place to hold a candidate forum, and encourage civil discourse. They can also be important opportunities for people to meet the candidates personally, and have their questions answered directly. Be sure to invite candidates from multiple parties, and consider partnering with an experienced nonpartisan organization like the League of Women Voters to organize the event.  This guide from the United Church of Christ can help you plan an event that makes sense for your community, whether it be a full fledged debate or a coffee hour with the candidates. Download.

Share the Faith Voter Reflection Guide with your faith community
IPL worked with our partner organization Faith in Public Life to produce a multi-issue Faith Voter Reflection Guide, here. It is nonpartisan and interfaith and intended to help voters connect their values to the issues at stake in the election. Please post it on your website, include a link in your newsletter, or print it and share it with your faith community.

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