Press Release: Faith Leaders to President-elect Trump: Denying Climate Change is Not an Option

Dec 13, 2016 | IPL News Highlights, Press Releases

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December 13, 2016

CONTACT: Susan Stephenson

(510) 444-4891, susan@interfaithpowerandlight.org


Following President-elect Trump’s decision to appoint a climate denier to head EPA and public dismissals of climate science, Interfaith Power & Light (IPL) delivered a petition signed by over 4,000 people of faith to President Trump and Congressional leaders saying that denial is not an option and calling for moral action to combat global warming.

The petition includes an array of signatories – from clergy to lay people, Christians, Muslims, and Jews – warning President-elect Trump that climate inaction will jeopardize America’s standing as a world leader in the near-term and the future of all the world’s children in the longer-term. As a solution, the petition urges the president-elect and Congressional leaders to embrace a clean energy future and to recognize that leadership on climate is a moral imperative for our nation.

According to The Rev. Sally Bingham, President of Interfaith Power & Light, the petition was created to urge the new administration to reconsider its stance on climate and to oppose the appointment of fossil fuel industry lobbyists and climate change skeptics to key environmental posts. “As people of faith, we are called to speak the truth and to work for justice,” she said. “Global warming is a serious threat to God’s Creation, and people everywhere. We need our political leaders not to ignore or deny, but to confront reality and act responsibly to protect our communities.”

The petition is one of several actions that the faith community has planned to challenge the Trump administration for its climate position. Additonal plans include: district meetings with senators, the “We’re Still In” campaign to show how faith communities are taking action to support the goals of the Paris agreement, and participation in the climate march in April.

The petition underscores widespread concern in the faith community as Trump’s proposed cabinet nominees, many with ties to the fossil fuel industry, proceed to Congressional confirmation hearings. According to The Rev. Bingham: “We need leaders in our government who have respect for the sanctity of nature, and who understand that we have a moral responsibility to pass on an unspoiled natural heritage to our children and future generations.”


Quotes from Interfaith Power & Light state leaders:

Rabbi Glenn Jacob

New York Interfaith Power & Light


Email: gjacob@nyipl.org

“President-elect Trump has been signaling a full retreat from climate science and clean energy legislation. As people of faith responsible for stewardship of this beautiful planet, we will support policies that address climate solutions. NYIPL applauds Governor Andrew Cuomo’s commitment to a clean energy future and urges him to act quickly for the sake of New York State and to set an example that climate leadership is good for business and our earth.”


Tim Darst

Kentucky Interfaith Power & Light

Phone 502-210-8920

Email: tim@kentuckyipl.org

“As people of faith who care about God’s Creation in our beautiful state of Kentucky, we urge Congress, including our own Senate leader Mitch McConnell, and the White House to make the U.S. the leading nation in combating climate change and creating green jobs.”


Peter Bakken, Ph.D.

Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light

 Phone: 608-837-3108

Email: bakken@WisconsinIPL.org

Every year, Wisconsin spends about $16 billion to import fossil fuels.  If we invested in clean energy solutions instead, we would keep those dollars in our local economies, create jobs, improve public health, and reduce the harmful effects of climate change.  Across the state, people of faith have adopted renewable energy and energy efficiency in their homes and houses of worship– not only to reduce their energy costs, but also as a matter of moral responsibility and religious conviction.

Wisconsin has been graced with beautiful landscapes, abundant natural resources, and strong communities.  If we want our children and grandchildren to inherit these blessings, we need to act now to confront climate change and invest in clean, renewable energy.  It’s a moral and religious obligation.

The Rev. Will Scott

California Interfaith Power & Light

Phone: (415) 391-4214

Email: will@interfaithpower.org

“For over 16 years California congregations of all major faiths have been putting climate solutions into practice, embracing renewable energy, divesting from fossil fuels and standing up for those hurt first and worst by a warming planet, the poor and vulnerable at home and abroad.

We urge California’s congressional leadership to challenge any federal appointee that denies the facts of global warming and that would diminish our nation’s climate leadership. As Californians living in the sixth largest economy in the world we are already working internationally to foster greater collaboration for the health and safety of our common home. May those sent to Washington to represent us do all they can to ensure that our federal government leads a renewable energy revolution in the 21st century not a return to the toxic dirty planet destroying sources of the past.”



Interfaith Power & Light is a network of 40 state affiliates and 18,000 congregations working to green our facilities, teach and preach about global warming, and advocate for poli

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