Lincoln Journal Star: Local View: People of faith must fight climate change

Jun 8, 2017 | In the News, State Press Clips, What's New

By The Rev. Penny Greer | June 7, 2017

During the month of May, Lincolnites were once again treated with rain – and lots of it. While not breaking records, we received 5.28 inches from May 16 through May 20 with three of those days recording more than 1 inch.

While the totals weren’t as much as the amounts we received in less than a day on May 7, 2015 (more than 8 inches) or May 9, 2016 (more than 5 inches and accompanied by two tornadoes and large hail that causes damage to many Lincoln buildings and properties), I’ve been wondering if the rain events were connected to something new: climate change.

One of the hallmarks of climate change is an increase in extreme events – too much rain or snow, excessive drought or more pronounced heat or cold waves. While it would be incorrect to say that climate change caused a particular weather event – is our Lincoln rainfall moving beyond its usual variability into a more pronounced pattern of extremes indicative of climate change? Read more

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