Certify your Solar Congregation as a Cool Congregation!

Jul 21, 2020 | Blog

Certify your Solar Congregation as a Cool Congregation!

To celebrate the summer solstice, Interfaith Power & Light highlighted a Certified Cool Congregation that has reduced their carbon footprint by 50% through a solar leasing program offered through IPL state affiliate, Massachusetts Interfaith Power & Light.

Across the nation, Interfaith Power & Light and our state affiliates are helping congregations lower their emissions that contribute to climate change. Mass IPL solar financing program helped them achieve the second rank in the nation in the IPL Solar Survey, reporting 100 solar congregations in their state. Reducing emissions protects those who are most vulnerable in our communities—children, the elderly, and those with pre-existing health conditions who are also most at risk to COVID-19.

Has your congregation installed solar?  If so, you can help them become a Certified Cool Congregation. Click here to find out more.

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Dover, Massachusetts made the switch to solar to reduce their high electricity bill coming from the use of electric baseboard heat during their chilly winters.

Through the congregation’s participation in IPL’s annual Faith Climate Action Week, they began to understand the deep, moral rationale for reducing their carbon footprint. Their certification as a Cool Congregation was the natural next step to affirm this greater understanding, applaud the congregation’s efforts, and encourage them to do more.

So while initially attracted by the savings, St. Dunstan’s now feels the larger impact has been the opportunity to decrease its carbon pollution and thus its contribution to climate change. St. Dunstan’s believes that because of the suffering climate change causes, especially to communities of color and frontline communities, this is a response to Jesus’ call to care for those who suffer. Due to the visibility of the system, they also hope and pray that it will demonstrate to everyone who drives by that solar power is a practical technology and that their solar will inspire others to go solar as well.

Certification inspired St. Dunstan’s to reduce even further by switching to LED lighting and they are planning to switch their propane furnaces to air source heat pumps.

To get started on certifying your solar congregation, use the NEW Cool Congregations calculator to measure your congregation’s carbon footprint. Measure a “before” footprint as a baseline before you made changes to your building, then measure an “after” footprint to see how much energy your congregation has saved. Include these reports with your application for certification.

Reductions of 10% or more qualifiy for certification. Certification levels now go up to 100%! Apply today!

Please reach out to me for assistance with the process.

Sarah Paulos

Community Engagement and Program Manager

Interfaith Power & Light


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