A letter to my co-warriors

Aug 27, 2020 | Blog

A letter to my co-warriors

Rev. Dr. Gerald L. Durley at Congressman John Lewis’ memorial.

I have decided and am fully committed again, more than ever before, to take our issues to the everyday voter by connecting personal survival concerns to the ballot box. I will no longer be caught up in lengthy discussions on the latest “breaking news story,” but I am compelled to concentrate on gut level issues as to why every vote— NO— why YOUR vote is critical for YOUR personal existence. It literally comes down to life or death.

Every one of us has a moral and an ethical mandate to turn out the vote or suffer the current and emerging catastrophic results. I realize that I am speaking to those of you, who already know the devastating negative impact if we do not give it our all the next 90 days.

We need all of you to help turn out the vote. We CAN, we MUST, and we WILL prevail “if we faint not.”

IPL’s Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign offers tools for you to get involved in helping turn out the vote:

Never ever forget that: “WE ARE ON THE WINNING TEAM”.

A note of encouragement in the thick of the BATTLE!!

                   Co-laborer & warrior,

                   Gerald Durley

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