IPL Launches 2022 Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign

Mar 4, 2022 | Blog

By Tiffany Hartung, Interfaith Power & Light Field Director

Interfaith Power & Light’s (IPL) 2020 Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign inspired and mobilized people of faith to take a critical climate action: vote. While 2020 was IPL’s first civic engagement campaign at such scale, IPL congregations, faith communities, and volunteers around the country helped mobilize faith voters to vote their values of caring for our common home and loving their neighbors.

2022 is also an important election year and civic engagement is a top priority for IPL this year. Our Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign is back. We’ll be reaching out to people of faith and conscience to make sure they are registered and prepared to vote, and then to ensure they vote.

As people of faith and conscience, our values call us to ensure that everyone is cared for and to be good stewards of our Sacred Earth. Climate change is destroying our common home, harming our communities, and putting future generations at risk. 

For too long, the fossil fuel industry has divided and distracted us with lies while they endanger our climate and pollute our air and water. They exploit our differences trying to divide us. They pick and choose where to dump toxins based on the contents of our wallets and the color of our skin, hoping to hide the origins and impact of the crisis they created for all of us.

This election is about the values shaping our future. Together, we can express our values of ensuring a livable planet for our children and that all are cared for. We can come together to vote our values and make a difference.

Please take a moment to check that your voter registration is current and to pledge to vote your values of climate justice in this important election year at our online portal: weall.vote/ipl.

Once you’ve done that help make sure your faith community is ready to vote by asking them to check their registration, register to vote, and pledge to vote by sending them to the online portal. Voting is how we create a society based on our shared values. It is an opportunity to embody our style of governance, our democracy, in making it work for all of us. Join us in ensuring our faith communities are ready to vote and are voting their values this year.

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