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Apr 6, 2023 | Blog |

Living the Golden Rule: a Just Transition to a Clean Energy Economy

Faith Climate Action Week is Interfaith Power & Light’s premier week to teach, preach, and act to heal the climate! Congregations offer sermons, worship services, educational events, and hands-on action to show that people of faith are leading the way to heal our climate. It is a 10-day period of activities in celebration around Earth Day. Through the actions of people like you, Faith Climate Action Week has reached close to 2 million people with more than 5,000 climate and Earth stewardship sermons and talks nationwide.

All major faith traditions call on their believers to be good stewards of Creation, and to care for their neighbors — especially those in our community most impacted by environmental injustice. Join IPL in highlighting this calling. IPL celebrates Faith Climate Action Week around Earth Day each year, but you can use IPL resources to activate your congregation year-round to care for the Earth.

The theme of 2023’s Faith Climate Action Week is “Living the Golden Rule: Just Transition to a clean energy economy.” We are examining our responsibility to transition to energy sources that safeguard our common home and how our faiths call us to respond with just solutions for all. 

Use IPL Resources below for your Earth Week activities!

Resource kit

IPL offers a resource kit to equip you to lead faith-based discussion and action at your congregation to safeguard a thriving Earth for everyone in our communities. 

The value-packed kit includes an Action Guide with information on the faithful call to care for our neighbors by ensuring a just transition to a clean energy economy, where the well-being of workers and frontline community members are prioritized.

Also, there are short film suggestions, an updated climate change fact sheet, faith-based discussion materials, including a colorful multi-faith Golden Rule poster, and suggestions and resources for how to engage in supporting local action. 

Faith Climate Action Week 2023 online offerings include resources for sermons, talks, worship services, a film screening kit for the 2023 featured film, and more. 

Worship Resources

IPL has collected resources to help you engage your congregation, including resources to plan worship services – music, prayers, blessings, youth and children resources, and more. Also find sermon prompts and sample sermons, and excellent advice on preaching about climate change. And we have faith-specific resources, including faith statements on caring for the Earth, and study guides from many traditions. Click the button below to access all worship resources.

Host a Movie Screening

Hosting a movie screening is a great way to spark discussion and inspire your congregation to take action as part of your Faith Climate Action Week activities.

Movie screening kits include a discussion guide with faith-based questions and sample promotional language and images to engage your congregation. Films are offered as a DVD with free screening rights, or online viewing options.  IPL often hosts a webinar conversation with the film team of the featured film.

This year’s film is a series of 3 short films, Current Revolution, by the American Resilience Project. These films show the exciting possibility of a just transition to a clean energy economy where the well-being of workers and frontline community members is valued instead of neglected. 

The short films are a perfect length to view in a group and then allow time for discussion at your events, and you can offer the whole series in two evenings! The first two of the three films are approximately 30 minutes each, and the last is 6 minutes. 

A screening license is normally $90, but thanks to the generosity of the American Resilience Project, this screening license is FREE to IPL congregations and religious or spiritual organizations to screen during Faith Climate Action Week, April 14 – 23. Individuals can also register to view the film at home on our film page.


Join the National Climate Prayer for Earth Day 

Across the nation, people of all faiths will join their voices together to pray for action on climate change on Earth Day at 12 noon local. Join us, and invite all of your congregants to join us also!

Add Your Event to the National Map

List your event on the national map to invite others to attend!  List your public online or in-person (COVID-safe) events such as webinars, movie screenings, volunteer days, action days, lectures, online worship services, or other activities around Faith Climate Action Week or Earth Month.


Each year congregations and individuals are invited to take an advocacy action as part of Faith Climate Action Week activities. Postcards to Senators urging them to make decisions to care for our climate are included with the kit. And the opportunity to sign an online petition will also be available. Click Advocate to sign. This year we are advocating for clean cars!

Let’s celebrate Earth Week together by building a bold and just movement for faithful climate action!

Questions? Contact programs@interfaithpowerandlight.org

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