COP28 – U.S. Commits $3 Billion for Climate Action! 

Dec 3, 2023 | Blog |

By Rev. Rebekah Kokalis, Interfaith Power & Light

Even more big news from the COP28 summit in Dubai! Responding to earlier critiques of the United States’ initial contribution of $17.5 million to a climate-related damage fund, Vice President Kamala Harris unveiled a massively increased pledge of $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund on day 3 of the summit.

During the announcement, Vice President Harris shared her commitment with attendees, emphasizing the personal nature of this pledge. The $3 billion commitment is intended to enhance the country’s efforts in supporting developing nations grappling with the far-reaching impacts of climate change. Harris’s announcement goes beyond symbolism, signaling a tangible step forward in the fight against the climate crisis.

And it doesn’t stop there. The U.S. is rolling up its sleeves for a comprehensive climate overhaul, funneling billions into solar panels, wind turbines, electric vehicles, and batteries. This isn’t just talk; it’s a tangible shift towards meaningful projects. Additionally, the EPA finalized a rule this week, slashing methane emissions by a substantial 80% from the oil and gas industry – a significant environmental commitment.

Harris also acknowledged the severe environmental impact of coal and announced the administration’s commitment to phasing out coal-fired power plants. While critics may view this as a symbolic move, it aligns with the broader dedication to the Powering Past Coal Alliance, which aims to prevent the construction of new unabated coal plants.

Vice President Harris, standing in for President Biden at COP28, emphasized the urgency of the climate crisis. “The clock is not merely ticking; it’s banging,” she asserted. Being on-site, it felt like witnessing a pivotal moment in history.

While the $3 billion climate pledge holds immense significance, it remains a commitment in need of congressional approval to materialize. As individuals of faith and conscience, we play a crucial role in advocating at both state and federal levels. Taking the initiative to contact our representatives through calls or emails becomes a powerful means of urging them to align with our moral values and actively support the conversion of this pledge into a tangible reality.

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