Solar Financing for Congregations Webinar

Jun 13, 2024 | Webinars |


Tune in for a crash course on solar financing! We learned from experts, explored new federal incentives for solar for nonprofits, and heard firsthand from a congregation who successfully applied for Direct Pay.

In this webinar we heard from Jerry Bernstein, author of IPL’s Solar Financing for Congregations, about solar financing options like leasing and power purchase agreements (PPA).

We learned from Miguel Yanez, a senior associate at the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, about Direct Pay for solar and from Sr. Warden Maggie Chappen about her experience filing for Direct Pay.

Finally Sam Kooharian, an Energy Advisor from EnergySage, presented an overview of how to find a solar installer.

Listen to the webinar recording.

Find IPL resources on Solar Financing for Congregations here.

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