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Rebates, Tax Credits, and Savings related to the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the largest clean energy investment America has ever made. It includes strategic incentives to make the transition to a decarbonized life easy, financially smart, and help us live out our values of caring for our Sacred Earth.

These initiatives are key to helping the U.S. reduce our pollution and harmful climate emissions. The IRA’s success – its effectiveness in driving down emissions – hinges on everyday American consumers, houses of worship, and businesses – everyone – hearing about and seizing the opportunity that the incentives and rebates offer.­

The IRA’s tax credits, rebates, and incentives will help American households save money on energy bills, install clean energy, upgrade to clean, efficient appliances, improve energy efficiency, and reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Rebates, Tax Credits, and Savings

The IRA initiatives make adding solar and energy efficient upgrades to our homes more affordable and accessible. They include incentives for:


Solar and renewable energy


Battery storage


Energy efficiency upgrades


Efficient, electric appliances­­


Heat pumps


Water heaters

Energy efficiency upgrades


Air conditioners


Electric vehicles (New and used)


Induction cooktops

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