Returning in 2024:

Interfaith Power & Light’s nonpartisan Faith Votes campaign will equip faith communities across our country to mobilize their congregants and neighbors to express their values through voting. Together, we can communicate our values of caring for our common home and loving our neighbors by voting. We can join together to protect our Sacred Earth and create a better world for current and future generations.

2022 Campaign Highlights:

In the 2022 Campaign, IPL volunteers encouraged more than 730,000 faith voters – many who don’t always vote – to communicate their values of caring for our Sacred Earth by casting a ballot in the 2022 midterm election, including Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff contest. 

Here’s a look at IPL’s 2022 Campaign by the numbers:

  • 3 IPL affiliates – Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – partnered with IPL to focus on their states for this campaign.
  • 519,000 climate-alarmed, high-potential* faith voters in the campaign’s three focus states received a text message from an IPL volunteer before the general election reminding them of the election and providing local voting information. (* These voters are people of faith who are alarmed by the climate crisis yet don’t vote often or at all.)
  • 200,940 climate-alarmed, high-potential faith voters in Georgia received a similar text message from an IPL volunteer before the Peach State’s December 6th U.S. Senate runoff election.
  • 11,292 people received IPL’s multi-issue Faithful Voter Reflection Guide via digital download, in-person events, or online order.
  • 6,169 faith voters pledged to vote, many with climate specifically in mind.
  • 226 people registered to vote.
  • 460 voters ensured their voter registration was up-to-date using IPL’s online registration portal.
  • 498 people volunteered in some capacity on the campaign.
  • Hundreds attended or viewed six digital campaign events before and after the election.

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