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Tell Federal Agencies to Protect Climate Forests

The Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have announced a pathway for protecting mature and old-growth trees and forests on federal public lands. After decades of aggressive logging practices, only about 10% of mature and old forests remain in the United...

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Sought to Support Congregational PV System Developments


(Photo credit: Matthew Cole)

Interfaith Power and Light (IPL) is seeking individuals to expand its support to houses of worship who are considering installing a solar PV system.  To date, over 1200 congregations in the United States have installed PV systems, but this is just a small fraction of those interested. Be a part of engaging faith communities towards environmental stewardship and climate action!

IPL provides congregational “Green Teams” or similar PV-supporters a preliminary analysis of the financial benefits of a PV system compared with their current and forecast utility-supplied electricity costs; this analysis (if favorable) allows the interested congregants to obtain sufficient Board, Elder or Congregational support to seek formal proposals for installation and financing (where allowed).

IPL is looking for volunteers to expand this effort as requests are received. Volunteers would help to:

  • Respond to inquiries from congregations interested in pursuing solar

  • Assess their demand and potential on-site capacity using PVWatts or similar software

  • Create an estimate of PV system cost versus grid-supplied electricity

  • Identify benefits of financing (as appropriate)

  • Provide other options if solar does not seem to function well

If you are interested in learning more about this volunteer opportunity, please contact Gerald Bernstein, jerry@interfaithpowerandlight.org. IPL will provide further details and discussion with those interested. This volunteer opportunity will require 1 to 5 hours a month from time-to-time. Please share this with whomever you think may be interested in this volunteer opportunity in your network.

NOTE: all work is conducted remotely, a request may come from any state, and these preliminary analyses are not intended to create a sales opportunity.  Indeed, no volunteer would be assigned to a congregation if their employer (present or former) might have a financial benefit from the outcome of this assistance.

Interfaith Power & Light (IPL) is one of the nation’s largest, faith-based environmental non-profits. IPL works with congregations of all faith traditions to support renewable and energy efficiency projects and advocates for climate solutions.  IPL affiliates operate in 40 states.

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Host a Movie Screening

Hosting a movie screening is a great way to spark discussion about climate change. IPL’s movie series provides low cost access to faith communities to screen several award winning films. You can download discussion guides for each film to help plan your movie screenings.





Invite Us to Present to Your Group

Help us spread the word about Interfaith Power & Light and increase the climate justice efforts of your faith community. Please contact us if you are interested in having a speaker present to your group or hosting a webinar.





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