Use this page to build and activate your popup. The way it works is that the popup section at the bottom is global and also sits on the homepage (never delete from the homepage. So when you change stuff here it changes it on the homepage.


Step 1. Design Your Popup

Make your changes below to this CTA module until you get it to look the way you like. Don’t delete our introduce a new module. It needs to be this one. However, feel free to change it anyway you like, but always check that it displays well in both desktop and mobile after you take it live. 


Step 2. Unhide the Row in the Section Below

Unhiding the row here unhides it on the homepage and makes your popup active. It’s currently set to popup for first time veiwers 5 seconds after they enter the page. In subsequent visits they won’t see it but it’s still working. Keep this in mind for testing. Use incognito mode to see the popup every time.

ADVANCED: Settings for the popup behavior, position, and background color can be found in the divi modal module below, but be careful when changing them.

There is a Section, a Row, and Module here. You only want to unhide the Row. Do so by going to Advance > Visibility in the Row Settings. Come back here and hide the row again when the popup is no longer needed. You have to be in the visual builder to see the row.


Checked = Hidden/Off, Unchecked = Unhidden/On


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