Programs and Campaigns

The heart of our work to address the climate crisis


Faith Climate Action Week

Faith Climate Action Week is ten days in April during Earth Month when IPL congregations focus on how we can all take action to protect our climate. This events-based program encourages all faith groups to discuss the spiritual side of climate change at services, while also pushing for greater support from local and national policymakers. At FaithClimateActionWeek.org, groups have access to downloadable sermons, postcards and other resources. Watch the 2023 promo video below:

Cool Congregations

People of faith across the country are doing their part to prevent global warming in their own homes and places of worship through the Cool Congregations program, while saving thousands of dollars and tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere. Cool Congregations is a stewardship program designed to help congregations engage their members in caring for Creation by reducing their collective (and individual) greenhouse gas emissions.


Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign

The Faith Climate Justice Voter Campaign is a nonpartisan Interfaith Power & Light led campaign and includes several faith and climate partners. This campaign is focused on engaging and mobilizing faith voters to communicate their values of caring for Creation and loving our neighbors through voting. Together, we can express our values of ensuring a livable planet for our children and that everyone is cared for. 

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